✾ Fancy seeing you here

I'm Kim Nguyen, and my passion lies in crafting solutions that bridge the essence of brands, technology, and people.

As a Product (UI/UX) Designer with 3 years of experience in in-house and agency environment, I tackled diverse industry challenges such as e-commerce, food delivery (B2B), education and more

✤ Experience

Product (UI/UX) Designer @Netguru

Oct 2022 - Jun 2023

I crafted meaningful products and experiences throughout the entire project cycle, ranging from ideation to completion, for various clients such as Delivery Hero, Merck Electronics, and Qi Group. Additionally, I actively contribute to the UX Workshop Area, where I facilitate and co-host workshops focused on product design and user experience.

Senior Interaction Designer @Vivaldi

May 2022 - Sep 2022

I collaborated with the lead designer to build high-fidelity mockups and prototypes for a new AI-based educational platform dedicated to sonographers. The platform's objective was to assess skillsets and provide certification. In addition, I facilitated design reviews with stakeholders and successfully delivered key features.

Product (UI/UX) Designer @GammaInteractive (prev. G2B2BC)

May 2021 - May 2022

I led User Research to conduct NPS, User Index survey, product audit. I designed, prototyped and shipped features including new payment methods, In-App OTP, App Revamp. Besides, I initiated and led Design Ops in several projects, including the transition from Adobe XD to Figma, design system governance, and the introduction of the Design Thinking framework. These efforts were aimed at ensuring high-quality output and efficient processes within the Design team.

✾ My Design Principles


With enthusiasm and curiosity beyond design challenges, I believe in delving deeper into core problems, uncovering new possibilities, and ultimately enhancing the user experience.


I strive to design with intention by asking the 5 Ws and one H, which informs my decisions for creating intuitive and understandable product experiences.


Embracing the reality that nothing is flawless or truly finished, there will always be better solutions and room for growth and improvement in design and life.

✹ Skills

Design —

Design System

UX Design

UI Design

User Research


Product Thinking

Visual Design

Tools —

Adobe CC








Technical —



Personal —




Design Critique

Design Ops

A bit more about me

How did I get into UX?

With innate curiosity and a passion for problem-solving, I have been driven to assist others in both personal and professional aspects of their lives. Starting from childhood, where I aided my mother with tech inquiries, to delivering revenue-maximizing marketing solutions and designs in the Online Gaming Industry, my dedication to bridging gaps with logic and empathy has continually flourished. This led me to make the transition from marketing to product design, enabling me to pursue my lifelong passion purposefully. My ultimate goal is to create memorable moments for people on the web and beyond.

Other things I enjoy

Coffee and Food: I'm a coffee drinker and a food enthusiast. I love to spot out cozy coffee shops in local areas to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and indulge in a cup of delicious coffee. Some weekends, I also find myself in the kitchen cooking Pho - pronounced "Fuh" - a Vietnam's quintessential national dish.

🎨 Illustration & 3D: I have always had a passion for art. I enjoy spare my time doodling, drawing random images, given its paper painting or digitalized ones. Currently, I find that learning & exploring 3D is also a great way to boost my creativity and alleviate some stress.

✈️ Travel & Photography: Exploring the world and capturing its beauty has always been on my bucket list. Having real-life experience in different cultures has provided me with a better understanding of diversity and embracing diverse perspectives in life.

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